FEMININE MAGICK: The Image of the Witch


A staple of every culture, from the Greek Myths, the Bible and Homer’s Odyssey to Medieval Knights and their foes, Witches and their familiars have long brought a twist of the supernatural to the imaginations of Artists. Follow us on a journey through the visual history of the witch, exploring the historical contexts and societal biases and fears that saw Witch-Fever grip Europe throughout the 1600s, as well as exploring the many accompaniments, tropes and stereotypes often created and perpetuated by artists, engravers and printmakers in a craze that would see thousands upon thousands of women lose their lives over one of the bloodiest periods of Female History.

From Salvator Rosa, through Goya, Fuseli and Parmigianino, join BAHP as we explore the way artists have dealt with visions of dangerous femininity in this special lecture, focusing on the artistic lure of feminine magick and the age-old figure of the witch.