POWERFUL WOMEN: A History of Female Artists


Did you know that of the 2300 paintings on display at the National Gallery, only 11 are by women? 

 Did you know that less than 5% of the artists in the Met Museum's (NY) permanent collection sections are women, but 85% of the nudes are female?

Statistics like this exist worldwide, seemingly archaic, yet still lingering on in the contemporary art world where our collective histories are too often forgotten or overlooked. POWERFUL WOMEN: A History of Women Artists invites you to step inside the annals of history to explore the lives, struggles and works of the incredible Female Painters of History. From a 12th Century nun’s depiction of a Hell to rival Hieronymous Bosch, to Artemesia Gentileschi’s triumph over sexual violence and the accomplishments of female impressionists, this lecture shines a light on those women who broke through the glass ceiling of the art world, and the enduring legacies they created.