SACRED FEMININE: The Art of the Goddess

sacred feminine event image.jpg

We all know the names of the Gods. God the Father, Zeus, Mars, Allah, Poseidon, Buddha, Horus, Set, Shiva, even Jesus Christ. These are the names that go down in history, written into the sacred texts and remembered by those that write the history books, aeons later. We know their stories, the stories of the powerful men who worshipped them; popes, kings and emperors, and we know the women that hang at the edges of those stories, sidelined, fated to contend with the glory of their more famous counterparts, but how many people know Inanna? Lakshmi? Amaterasu, Hel, Sekhmet, Tefnut, Ixel, Isis, Brigid, Freya? – if you don’t know these names, its hardly surprising. These names are the names of Female Divinities.

At a point in History where the perverted and the powerful are popping out of the patriarchy like daisies, we believe that the time is ripe for a refocusing on the stories and mythologies of the SACRED FEMININE: the spark of the divine in woman.

Join BAHP for a lecture that explores some of the most iconic artefacts and histories of Female Divinities from all over the world, crossing ten thousand years of History and Culture, from the Seated Woman of Catal Hoyuk to the Venus of Hohle Fels, we will trace the evolution of ‘the goddess’ through cultures and across continents, charting her legends, power and exploring the reasons behind her eventual demise.